Meadows of Blackhawk HOA, Inc.

The Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Board of Directors is comprised of current residents in the Meadows of Blackhawk. The Board of Directors are appointed by members of the HOA and are responsible for management of the HOA in the best interests of its members. Each position on the Board is voluntary and provides no compensation to its current holder. Board members are elected by the residents of the HOA and serve a specific position and term length. Board of Director position holders are expected to be free of any conflict of interest with the HOA and its members.

HOA goals are:

  • Safety for our children
  • Maintaining a strong sense of community
  • Protecting the value of our home and association owned capital assets

HOA Governing Documents

  Meadows of Blackhawk HOA By-Laws
The HOA By-Laws are the basic set of rules or "laws" the HOA uses to operate and self-govern.

  Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
The CC&Rs govern what an owner may, may not, or must do with respect to the real estate.

  Agreement for Pool Shared Use with Park & Lakeside HOA

  Accessory (Storage) Building Guidelines

  2012.04.24 - 2012 Resolutions Adopted by the Board

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